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  • Darya Village Security
  • Darya Village Security
  • Darya Village Security
  • Darya Village Security
February 14, 2015

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Yuksel Special Security Services Company

Yuksel Special Security Services Company is an Afghan Based Registered and Licensed Private Security Services Provider Established In 2004 Committed to The Provision of Excellent Protective Services in High Risk and Complex Environments. The Company Has a Cadre of Vetted and Trained Security Professionals Whose Experience Surpasses 10 Years of Security Guarding Service to Embassies and Diplomatic Entities Across Afghanistan.

Your safety, security and peace of mind are of the highest importance here at Darya Village Hotel we have comprehensive arrangements to ensure your stay with us can be enjoyed in peace and safety.

The Site.  The hotel is located in a secure site to which access is controlled by the on-site security team. The local guard force is trained, supervised, and managed by an experienced and internationally accredited security manager. The secure on-site operations room operates 24/7 and controls all aspects of security. There is 24-hour monitoring of the modern CCTV installation that covers all internal, external, open, and communal areas as well as the hotel site perimeter. The security guard force has communications access to local agencies and carries out regular risk assessments to ensure security matches any threat.

Off-Site Security. The on-site manager is available to discuss any security arrangements that you may have when traveling to or from the Hotel and has an excellent network of contacts for the provision of transport and protection to ensure the appropriate levels of security and safety while you are away from the hotel until your return.

Peace of mind. Security at Darya Village Hotel is managed and overseen by an experienced, internationally qualified, internationally accredited security professional with extensive and recent experience working in Afghanistan.  The guard force at Darya Village Hotel are diligent, courteous professionals with appropriate training and equipment to ensure your safety during your stay with us Should you wish to discuss any aspect of your security arrangements prior to your arrival or during your stay with us, we will be pleased to help you in any way we can and to provide professional advice and guidance.

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