Saladin Security Afghanistan Ltd for Darya Village

  • Saladin Security Afghanistan Ltd  for Darya Village
  • Saladin Security Afghanistan Ltd  for Darya Village

Darya Village is provided by Saladin Security Afghanistan Ltd .

Saladin Security Afghanistan Ltd has all the skills, expertise and infrastructure to assist in all matters of physical security for the safety and protection of personnel, buildings, information, supplies and equipment. Saladin offers a wealth of experience providing a complete security solution to high profile clients operating within this region and beyond. Saladin Security has had a permanent presence in Afghanistan since 2002. Saladin is registered with the Afghanistan authorities and is licensed with the following number: I-10101.

We are approved by the Ministry of the Interior to operate as a security company and have been issued with a security license: No 008 in accordance with Afghan law.

Saladin Security Afghanistan Ltd currently employs in excess of 600 indigenous security personnel in Afghanistan with more than 500 being employed within Kabul and the remainder operating throughout the provinces. Saladin strives to maintain an ethnically diverse work force where all ethnicities of the Afghancommunity  are represented.

Saladin adopts an industry recognised Management System which meets the needs of our business whilst complying with the requirements of international standards ANSI/ASIS PSC.1-2012, ISO 18788:2015, ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 31000

Saladin Security Afghanistan Provide:

Tailored   Solutions. Innovative, cost effective and dependable security solutions within a framework that respects human rights and professional standards, national and international laws and fundamental freedoms.

Business Continuity. Enabling business through continuous service, delivered on time and budget. Flexible and responsive to changing requirements at the corporate, programme and project with senior management footprint.

Peace of mind. Adherence to the highest quality, ethical and regulatory standards, independently verified by ICoCA membership and working towards accreditation to various internationally recognised standards. This gives us a sensible system that is recognised and understood at all levels of the organization.

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